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Considering homeschooling?

It's just about the middle of May, a time many parents stop and consider the educational choices they’ll make for their children for the coming year. 

One decision many parents explore is whether to homeschool their children. Like all educational choices, such a decision is not to be made lightly.

If you think you might want to learn about homeschooling, I invite you to peruse my series The Homeschooling Miniseries for several articles about the various elements of homeschooling. For a painless start in your exploration I recommend you begin with Why homeschool? Reasons for deciding yes or no.

You might also appreciate the practical series Using Language and Related Skills for more educational articles for students, parents, and teachers. 

To my regular readers: You can still anticipate the posting of To Thine Own Self Be True, Part 3: This Is Definitely Me. I just wanted to connect with our prospective homeschooling friends first. See you soon!



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