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Real-Life Writing Prompts for Children

I wrote these short writing prompts when I was teaching English to primary grades. I provided each student with a notebook that they could write their responses in. Most of the time I used  these prompts as an opening writing activity before beginning our lesson. Oftentimes I wrote them on the fly to correspond with something that was currently going on, such as a festival our school was having, a change in the seasons, or a holiday. My students considered the writing prompts the highlight of the day and I hope yours do as well.

Doing Homework

Happy Valentine's Day

We celebrate Valentine's Day so we can say I love you to someone special.


In this writing prompt you can make a valentine for someone you love. How can you say I love you to someone special? 


Will you tell the person why you love him or her? Will you say something nice about him or her? 


Maybe you can also draw a heart. The heart is a symbol for Valentine's Day. 


You can cut a heart out of paper and write on it the words you want to say to the person.


Title:  Being sick

What is it like being sick?

When was the last time you were sick?

Do you sleep a lot?

What do you do to pass the time? 

Do you have something you always eat or drink when you are sick?

What does someone do to take care of you? 

Snow in winter?

snow oswego.JPG
Snow in winter

Title: Snow in winter?

Do you live in a place that is snowy in the winter?  If so, do you get a lot of snow or a little snow? Do you enjoy playing in the snow?

Do you make things out of the snow, like a snowman or a snow fort?

If you do not have snow where you live, do you wish you could have snow? 

Write about the weather where you live.

Title: Buying gifts for loved ones for a December holiday


When December holidays are near, do you buy gifts for your family or friends?

What holiday are you celebrating? Who do you buy gifts for? 

What else do you do as you celebrate this holiday?

Little Girl with Christmas Present
Little League

Title: My Favorite Sports


What are your favorite sports? 


What do you like to do?

Title:  Choosing


Did you ever have to choose between two things you wanted?

What did you choose?  Why?

What happened after you made your choice?

Cute Girl
Paramedic in Uniform

Title:  Emergency 

What do you do in an emergency? Think of a time you or someone you know had an emergency. What did you or the person do to  face the emergency?



Title:  A Pet I Would Like 

Write about a pet that you would like to have.

What animal is it?

What does it do? 

What is your pet’s name?

What does it eat? 

How do you take care of it?

mysterious cat
children at a party

Title:  At a Party

You are having a party. 

There are many foods and decorations! 

Write about all the things you see at your party. Use your imagination.

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